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Ducks by Hotora13 Ducks :iconhotora13:Hotora13 5 0
My Purpose
My Purpose
I have trained for this week since summer started. I will begin my journey once more to the bright beacon of hope and freedom that is my Karate School and the New Mexico Martial Arts Championships. I hope to win this year. Not only for me and my dreams and hopes as a Martial Artist, but now I realize I must also do this for others as well. Winning this Honor will not only bring happiness to me and my loved ones, but also secure a title I can take refuge in when the situation arises for me to take action. Protection, Security, Hope, Honor, and much more is what this stands for. It will also be reassurance, for me, in the respect that I will see what I'm good at, and love; and perhaps do for the rest of my life. I have not yet considered until now what I am good at, can be a job, and love teaching. Nothing else have I learned, besides Karate, have I truly seen myself as having a career in. I love art and music as well, but now looking to Karate, I see a career in which I can s
:iconhotora13:Hotora13 3 2
Sasuke the Mermaid by Hotora13 Sasuke the Mermaid :iconhotora13:Hotora13 23 5 Blurred Images by Hotora13 Blurred Images :iconhotora13:Hotora13 212 33 The Gravity Art Cover 1 by Hotora13 The Gravity Art Cover 1 :iconhotora13:Hotora13 0 7 The Last Sun by Hotora13 The Last Sun :iconhotora13:Hotora13 9 9 From Star To Star by Hotora13 From Star To Star :iconhotora13:Hotora13 0 3
Forgotten Chapeter:1
Author's note: This is the second Fan Fiction I have made. The first one I did was a Naruto Fan Fiction called A Scar of Moonlight. This Fan Fiction which I present to you now may include spoilers, or may be extremely horribly written. I apologize for that. I haven't had time to catch up on Bleach because of homework and what-not, and have almost lost all of the stuff I used to know. I will try my best to remember. I give partial credit to HandofSorrow31 for giving me tips and details as-well-as planning out possible scenarios and situations and showing actions and reactions each character might have to something or someone. Enjoy and thanks a bunch for reading! Feel free to comment on anything I need to fix or if you just plain hate it; it just gives me something to work on!
Zangai bounded through the thick forests that surrounded the eighty Rukongai districts. The slight mist that had made itself present earlier was getting thicker, and she often found herself wondering if she
:iconhotora13:Hotora13 0 3
Zangai -Bleach OC- Description
Name:  Zangai
English Translation: Wreckage or Ruin (This can either be interpreted as a fact that she can make wreckage or ruin anything, or the fact she is quietly in ruin emotion wise.)
Nickname:  Doesn't have one. WILL kill you if you give her one.
Surname: Arankagiri
English Translation: With All One's Might (Again, refers back to first name. She can ruin or wreck anything with all her might.)
Gender: Female
Age:  1113
Appearance: About 25
Height:  5'11''
Weight: 137
Occupation/Side:  Former Captain of the Second squad, good
Personality:  Zangai always keeps a straight face and hates anyone who annoys her. She has a bad habit of teasing anyone with an abnormal/ weird attribute (i.e. Ikkaku being Bald). She generally keeps to herself but will aid in any situation. She is a bit full of herself when it comes to fights and underestimates her e
:iconhotora13:Hotora13 0 20
Mother, You Are Like a Storm
Oh loving mother you are like a storm,
Your love rains down on a grassy meadow,
Your tender gentle heart is very warm,
Your calmness is like a weeping willow,
The wind of your passion settles over,
The wave of your mystic beauty crashes,
You are that one lucky four-leaf clover,
All malicious evil turns to ashes,
You say "wise men say only fools rush in,"
But I can't help rushing in to love you-
Though I may always be one of your kin,
I hope our love will always stay anew,
Oh loving mother you are like a storm,
Deep, vast, illustrious, and always warm.
:iconhotora13:Hotora13 0 0
Oh Anger you Maniacal Tattoo
                                                       "Oh Anger, you maniacal tattoo"
You rip at my innocence and tear my will from my hands,
I am a monster straining to control itself,
You destroy my inner goodness and send it to oblivion and it's still not enough, you want more,
The frustration, anger and power grows until it bursts and leaves nothing behind,
You tell me to kill,
You scared my skin and inside of me dimming my sense of judgment,
Why did I obey?
Why do I lust for power?
Why do I want more?
Why did I want you to rip your claws at my skin tattooing my reputation for life?
You've blinded me and left your print in big, black ink on my forehead,
I am ruined,
I am sentenced to
:iconhotora13:Hotora13 1 2
If the world was a person, how would he act?
If the ground was a monster would you hide?
If the clock was always ten minutes fast, when would you react?
If the wind was a Dragon, how long would you ride?
If you were blind, then how would you see?
:iconhotora13:Hotora13 1 6
No... by Hotora13 No... :iconhotora13:Hotora13 0 5 A planet hidden in dreams by Hotora13 A planet hidden in dreams :iconhotora13:Hotora13 9 6 CaramellDansen base by Hotora13 CaramellDansen base :iconhotora13:Hotora13 1 6 WIP-2: Naruto OC, Retsu by Hotora13 WIP-2: Naruto OC, Retsu :iconhotora13:Hotora13 0 7
Its writing season!

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Good morning!

I assume since it been almost four years that most of you may not follow me anymore, which is completely understandable. For those of you that do, or are reading this, thank you! It means a bunch!

Super quick run down of my life. I don't have a heart condition, I was misdiagnosed, and my pacemaker was removed. I started college at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, and I'm currently studying Communication with a focus in Video and Audio Production as well as Animation, and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I have not returned to Karate, although I miss it dearly. I have returned to swimming though, and I'm close to qualifying for Summer Nationals in August! So in short... life is good!

I'm going to be doing a complete revamp of my profile and art, but I'm not going to delete anything, more like separate the old stuff from my new uploads (yes, stay tuned!). Since DeviantArt is actually recommended by my school to put out projects and for future employers I'm going to start being much more active. I'm sorry its taken so long so get back on here, but I can assure you from now on I'll be posting regularly! (Or at least try between classes and swimming). My art style has completely changed, so if you were originally following me for my old stuff (which to be honest wasn't a lot) then you can expect to see a much more different side of my art. I'll be posting hand-drawn, digital art, and photography as well as writing in the form of chapter-ed stories, poetry, prose, and should I figure out how, I have a few videos to upload as well. I'm taking an animation and game design course in the fall, so stay tuned for my first attempts at those!

Hope to hear from you guys soon, can't wait to catch up on what I've missed!

~ Hotora13


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm not going to say much except for the fact I am an Instructor in Karate, a Varsity Swimmer, Pole Vaulter, and I run Track and Field. I love hunting, fishing, and dealing with people that mess with me, my family, and my friends. So for those of you who have jacked my email, and have sent me horrible messages and nasty things, let me tell you one thing: I will personally rip your throat out if you harm anyone I know, my family or friends. If you were stupid enough to write an email, not bothering to tell me who you are; like what your relation is to me, or how I look in pictures, then forget about it. I have no pictures online of myself or of my friends, so IN YOUR FACE you nasty little lying stalkers. I am a VERY dangerous person to be messing with. My neighbors are the state attourneys, and I have many, MANY other connections not worth mentioning out of sheer anticipation of what might happen to you if you try it again.


For those of you who know me and like me I and know and like you, this does not apply to you and, I'm back! Not for long periods of time, but back nontheless! I will actually be posting art sometime before i die, so stick around if you can because the crap I have up now is not worth even seeing, unless its some of my motivational posters which I have been told i'm pretty good at.

Have fun! And keep DeviantArt safe!!!


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